Saturday, April 30, 2011

Old Habits Die Hard: John McClane Returns

With news of a Terminator 5 having just reached us, another part 5 soon to get into production is Die Hard 5. And like Terminator 5 gaining its greatest asset in the form of Arnold Schwarzengger, Die Hard 5 will have Bruce Willis back as New York cop, John McClane. The latest 'Hard' movie will be getting the go ahead some time soon and that dirty old vest will be ritually put on a further time.

Once again, the question as to where the plot can go at this point in the franchise is the big question. With Arnie having done a laughable parody of his most famous role in 'Terminator 3' and Willis having done the same in 'Die Hard 4', action movie fans can only hope a return to true grit will be on the cards in the future. Ater Die Hard 5, Willis hopes to eventually make Part 6 and then leave the series there.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Arnie is Back! Terminator 5 On the Way

It has been officially confirmed that former action star turned governor, turned action star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, will reprise his role as the brutal cyborg in a new installment in the long celebrated sci-fi series, 'Terminator'. It has been long rumoured that the Austrian oak would make his movie comeback with one of his most popular roles and now it has been released that the actor has signed to play the futuristic robot one more time. The big question now is how the almost 64 year old actor will fit into the story and what that story might be. With his days as a Californian Governor now behind him, other possible hopes for his big screen reprisals included sequels to 'True Lies', 'Commando' and 'Predator'. Terminator 5 is set to begin filming next year as the studio still decide on a director to helm the project.